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Sports arbitration is a method for resolution of sport-related disputes by a final and binding arbitral decision. Currently, arbitration is considered as a predominant method for resolution of sports disputes due to the uniform practice and publicly available caselaw of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (the “CAS”), located in Switzerland

The most important function of sports arbitration is its speed. The urgency in the sports related matters stems from the fact that the entire industry is based on a series of regular sporting events and competitions and in order to protect the rights and interests of the parties who are the actors in the sports industry, the dispute in question must generally be concluded before a particular competition or event takes place.

The regulatory authority regarding the professional sport in Türkiye is the General Directorate of Sports of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Besides, there are also sports federations such as Turkish Football Federation and Turkish Basketball Federation that are authorised to publish instructions regarding the discipline and transfer rules in sports.

Özcan Legal advises its clients at each stage of their legal transactions including but not limited to drafting and conclusion of the sports contracts.  Our team also represents its clients in sports arbitration proceedings including CAS arbitration. Özcan Legal has close network with Swiss law firms to represent its clients before the Swiss Federal Tribunal (the highest court of Switzerland) with respect to the appeal process of the arbitral awards rendered in CAS arbitration.

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