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Pratice Areas

The scope of our work typically includes representation of our clients in international arbitration, national arbitration, recognition and enforcement of the arbitral awards, legal proceedings on annulment of the arbitral awards, legal consultancy on dispute resolution provisions of commercial and investment contracts, arbitrator services.

International Arbitration

Özcan Legal has wide experience in representation of its clients in international commercial and investment arbitration proceedings particularly with respect to construction disputes, the disputes arising from supply or exchange of goods, services and the disputes regarding infrastructure and energy projects.

National Arbitration

By taking into consideration these specific rules and time limits prescribed under the Turkish Code of Civil Procedure (the "TCCP"), Özcan Legal provides qualified legal services to its clients in their national arbitration proceedings. Besides, Özcan Legal also represents its clients in enforcement or annulment proceedings of the arbitral awards rendered in these national arbitration proceedings.

Recognition and Enforcement of the Arbitral Awards

Özcan Legal successfully represents its clients in the recognition and enforcement proceedings of the foreign arbitral awards and execution of the domestic arbitral awards in Türkiye.

Annulment of the Arbitral Awards

With its know-how and experience, Özcan Legal represents its clients in the annulment proceedings of foreign and domestic arbitral awards including the annulment proceedings before ICSID. Moreover, with its wide network with foreign law firms, Özcan Legal also assists its clients in their annulment proceedings outside Türkiye.

Legal Consultancy on Dispute Resolution Provisions of Commercial and Investment Contracts

Özcan Legal with its rooted experience provides tailor made legal advice to its clients on drafting the right dispute resolution provisions with the purpose of protection of the interests of its clients, preventing any possible dispute and representing its clients successfully in case of commencement of the arbitral proceedings.

Arbitrator Services

With their previous arbitrator experiences, lawyers at Özcan Legal provide services as a co-arbitrator and/or chair arbitrator in the international and national arbitration proceedings.

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Let's Work Together

Unlike most law firms, we prefer not to deal with too many practices or sectors. We know what we are good at and work hard for it. And this understanding is what makes us one of the bests in our field.

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