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Energy & Natural Resources

Türkiye, in the past two decades ranks second to China in the increase in electricity and natural gas demand in the world. Moreover, during this period of time, Turkey has the fastest growing energy demand compared to other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.  Located in a region where 60% of the world’s  oil and natural gas reserves exist, Türkiye is one of the biggest natural gas and electricity markets.  Besides, international supplier firms play an important role in Turkish energy market due to Türkiye’s considerable import dependency to meet its energy demand.


In this regard, disputes in the energy and natural resources sectors are at the heart of international arbitration. With the increasing number of arbitrations in the international energy sector than in any other sector, the highest valued awards in the history of arbitration come from energy-related arbitrations. Energy disputes often involve complex and controversial issues relating to security, sovereignty, and public welfare.


Özcan Legal with its know-how and wide experience in Energy Law provides legal consultancy to its clients regarding domestic regulations on renewable energy, electricity, petroleum or natural gas sectors. 


Founding partner of Özcan Legal, Turgut Aycan Özcan has previously advised to one of the major US investment banks on Turkish petroleum and natural gas market.   Besides, Özcan Legal also represents its clients as counsel in energy related arbitration proceedings before ICC, LCIA, SCAI or in ad hoc arbitral proceedings.

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