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Legal Disclaimer

The rights of all written, visual, video and other types of content you view on are reserved. The content we provide is shared for information purposes only and is current as of the date of publication. Özcan Legal cannot be held liable in case the shared content loses its timeliness for various reasons after the relevant date.

The website you are viewing and its extensions; under no circumstances constitute an invitation to establish an attorney-client relationship include an offer to provide legal advice or services. Özcan Legal, including its lawyers and interns, cannot be held responsible for any errors, inconsistencies, inconsistencies or any action taken by you due to the content of the website.

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The intellectual and industrial property rights of all information, documents and images shared on the website or through the link to the website are owned by Att. Turgut Aycan Özcan, other lawyers and trainees and other related persons who contributed to the production of the written work in the relevant period. Without written permission; they cannot be copied, published, reproduced, modified or used.

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