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Construction & Infrastructure

Türkiye has a true potential for construction growth with its appropriate location and skilled workforce. New projects containing international co-operation offer a great deal of potential for the construction sector and for developments in related fields, such as the recently completed Istanbul third airport and the third Bosphorus bridge.


In recent years public private partnership (PPP) models have been preferred in certain sectors such as hospitals, highways, public transport and other types of infrastructure projects. This includes “Build-operate model”, “Build-operate-transfer (BOT) model”, “Built-rent-transfer model”, “Transfer of operating rights model”.


Özcan Legal gives qualified services to its clients by combining the understanding of construction and engineering issues with its extensive experience of international arbitration under all major arbitration rules.


At the construction stage of a project, Özcan Legal assists its clients on contract management and for the strategies to prevent any disputes. In case where a dispute arises, we work closely with the clients to resolve this dispute quickly and efficiently. Our team also acts as counsel in commercial and investment arbitration cases based on the construction disputes.

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Let's Work Together

Unlike most law firms, we prefer not to deal with too many practices or sectors. We know what we are good at and work hard for it. And this understanding is what makes us one of the bests in our field.

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